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Introduction:Why I Created My Blog

It was from our experience so far that I decided to create my blog.

Although there are helpful sources of information which can be found through internet research, word of mouth, magazines, books, social forums and other blogs, I have found that nothing I have read (and believe me, I have read a lot through my various stages of research in both languages) seems to be very real, in a way that I could relate to.

Yes, there are answers to questions and copious amounts of useful information which can be found (I will mention the favourite/most useful sources in my Top Tips and Hints Section), there are even articles where people have told the story of their French experience, but nothing in depth enough to provide an all round perspective of everything or give someone with the idea of making the move - be it to France, or any other country, a real idea of what to expect.

Hopefully this will mean that you won't have to spend the endless hours (or not quite so many anyway) as I did surfing the net in the hope to strike gold and find at least a little nugget of the information, help or advice you are looking for (extremely hard when at the very early stages of learning the language you are having to research in)!

So, I wish to create a place where all of the information above can be found in one place, giving links to helpful sources, covering all stages of a project from concept to completion with photos and write ups, offering advice and tips from experience, giving a first hand account.

I will not only be documenting processes of the project, but of daily events, us as a family, lifestyle, the social side and from an emotional point of view also.

So basically, I will be letting the world in on my personal diary in the hope that it can help and act as a support to others, or just simply for your entertainment - as long as it has some sort of benefit! :o)

Yeh, I know it is not like I am busy enough as it is! My problem is that my mind doesn't ever seem to completely shut down. For me, I have to be doing something constructive all the time, or I can't relax. I know, silly eh!? So when it comes to wind down time, aside from finishing the children's book I have written (more about that in the "About Us" section), this is what I will now be doing in my wind own time - a new hobby!

Anyone who knows me will know I always have something to say, so it should all come very naturally and give Scott a bit of peace and quiet at the same time! ;o)

Being a self taught typist and not learning the traditional way, my sister has quite aptly nick-named me due to my rather unique and clumsily fast paced style where my fingers go off in a world of their own and just seem to know where they are going without me telling them.

"Spider Fingers" - a nickname which has followed me to every office job I have ever had. Once the spider fingers are at full tempo - there is no stopping them! :o)

I hope you enjoy my site. Thanks for visiting and see you again soon if you are sticking around to follow the story.

Nicola (A.K.A Spider Fingers)


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