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A Beautiful Arrival Never To Be Forgotten - Bonjour France!

We took the 11pm overnight ferry to Portsmouth and docked at Le Havre (not the nearest port, but by far the cheapest route!) and, after a 6 hour drive, finally arrived at our new home!

When we turned the corner and began to drive down the drive, we could not have imagined the surprise that was waiting for us!

My mum and Simon were there ready to greet us and had lined the bordering hedges of the drive and property with the rosettes from our wedding. This was extremely touching as my fabulous Aunt did the floristry for our wedding and invested a lot of time making hundreds of these which decorated the pathway to the church and were hung on the end of each pew, lining the aisle with the beautiful colours of our wedding. Unfortunately, the events manager at the church had asked her to take them down after the ceremony as they had another wedding in prepartion that evening. I was so upset to learn that they had been thrown away after all that effort as they meant a great deal to me and had such sentimental value. I had planned on keeping them.

Learning this, my aunt, mother and sister had been secretly working away re-producing replicas, plotting for them to greet us as we approached our new home.

The effect was amazing and so unexpected. We were both totally chocked.

Such a special memory that we will never forget. What an amazing family we have!

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