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A personal diary of a young English family's ambition to make the French dream a reality -  renovating the home of their dreams and experiencing living the French rural lifestyle. 


Join us on our journey and learn and share the actuality and reality of living and renovating in France. From concept to construction; documenting not only the progress of work and giving tips and advice from our experiences, but giving a real insight into exactly what is involved, decisions we have made, the emotional impact and how we are adapting as a family.


The blog was an idea I had after completing our first project, the gite.  I am currently focusing on the here and now and the progress of our barn project.  When I can, I will also be going back in time to document the process of the gite renovation.

I hope that by doing this blog,  it will not only enable our friends and family to follow us, but other people who may have the same ideas may be able to use it as a resource and also something to relate to.  I do not claim to know everything about the moving process and the rules and regulations - far from it, but am learning more and more every day and have been able to provide information and tips which we have learnt through first hand experience.  If there was a website which had all the information I needed in one place when we first moved here and on numerous occasions after that, it would have saved us bags of time instead of constantly spending hours trawling through heaps and heaps of information in both languages, trying to piece it all together and find the right answer. 

If thinking of making the move, but unsure for any reason - I hope that this may be a good source of information for you, but please know that France is a very big, diverse country, which has lots of different things to offer. You can live the buzzy city life in France, but being country bumpkins at heart, we chose rural France (very rural!), so our experiences will be relevant to that.  Wherever it is you live, or whatever it is you choose to do, everyone's experience is totally different - this is just our personal story.

Please have a read of my feature stories.  If you have any comments or would like to share your own stories, tips or advice with us, we would love to hear from you on our Facebook page on the link below.  If you could give us a "like" while you are there, we would really appreciate it.  Thank you.  :o)


Happy reading!  :o)

To see the finished cottage in all its glory, or even if you are interested in booking a stay in the cottage, visit our website:

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