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Concrete Jungle - Finished!!! WHOOPIEEE!!! A Celebration post!


Yeeeeeey!!! Has been a truly gruelling, on-going, labour intense and patience testing job with our fair share of night shifts - latest being this morning with a 3am finish!!!

All 5 bays are levelled, damp-proofed, insulated and concreted!! We are by no means out of the woods yet - so much to do before our first gite let 11th July and have 5 days out at the end of this month for hubby's special birthday (I don't make things easy on myself, but it had to be done, it is very special!) but we are determined and WILL get there!

Where the concrete is concerned - I am done!! On with moving, decorating and getting the place ready for the summer season.

Scott, however, still needs to do the little infill bits between the bays. Should take no time at all in comparison to what we have already done!! Hooray!!! Totally cracking open a beer right now!!! Finally another step closer!! Here are a couple of pics from today and a link to a very apt song to celebrate the moment, which has been in my head for the entire task - still do not grow tired of it - sing it Bob! Happy Sunday everybody!!! :)

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Concrete Jungle

Lots more progress has been made, but won't have enough time to go into detail on those until next months when the first guests are in and we can finally relax and breathe!

Until then peoples!! Enjoy the sunshine!! :o)

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