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Secret Mission Done and Knocked Down With The Cold!

(Historic post of the day - 01.03.13 - More Insulation and Battening! CM vs MM = Trouble in...Paradise??! ;o) )

Well, I just wanted to check in today really. The historic post of the day mentioned above will probably prove to be a more interesting read - very up close and personal! I think that was probably one of the hardest times of the gite renovation and am just glad we can look back and laugh now! I can assure you though, there were more!!

I managed to get the secret mission done for my mother, who returned for a short stay last Friday and is needing to turn her place around for a let. I went over to her place, de-weeded her drive and and strimmed as I know how much she dreads what it might look like after being away and only having a few days to get it ready for a let. Glad I did it as she and Simon were really pleased and it was the least I could do after all they have done for us here.

We met up at our favourite restaurant on Sunday, which was very nice and Summer loved seeing Nana and Grampsie again as we haven't seen them in a while. It is a shame we will not be able to spend more time with them before they go back to England again, but that is just the way it goes at the moment and we will be seeing them again in May for a week to celebrate my Mum and Aunty's 60th birthday, so that is something to look forward to and is not too far away. We will get to see all the family for a whole week, so we are all very excited about that.

Unfortunately, I have come down with yet another nasty cold and have been pretty wiped out today. Might be something to do with the couple of day's gardening I had last week in the rain, topped off by a late night with good friends on Saturday night, but thought it best to focus on some indoors work today and do some house chores and admin. It is suddenly very cold, wet and miserable outside again, a bit too much on the cold side almost being in April (one of my favourite months out here) and it usually being very warm. Maybe it means we are in for a hit, dry summer?? Hope so!!

The forecast says it is due to get nicer from tomorrow onwards, so it is back outside and on with the jobs around the garden and outbuildings for me. If it is still raining, I think I will get on with some wall hole cementing in the barn.

One of the great things about what we do is being able to chop and change what we do when and work it around the weather. There is always something to be getting on with whatever the weather!

We are very excited as have treated ourselves to a concert in Paris on Thursday evening. We do not get out often and when we saw our favourite band of the moment, Future Islands, were playing in our favourite part of Paris, Monmartre, it was time to ask the family if they were happy to give donations towards an early birthday present! Summer is also very excited as is having a friend to sleep over!

Looking back at my historic story of the day today, I am reminded that although we are under pressure timewise, it is a much different pressure now than it was then and we have earnt ourselves a little treat here and there (even though money is not exactly pouring out of our ears - you only live once!). There is no way timewise we could have afforded just one night out back then - not a chance, so I am feeling very privileged and thankful that the pressure has eased slightly!

We have however called a manager's meeting this evening to put our heads together and plan our timescale from here to the summer. We know there is a lot to do and must plan wisely, also being on the same page - so maybe this ease off of pressure will not last too long, but I am just going to enjoy it while I can! Watch this space!! :o/

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