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Cold and Rainy, But There Are Always Waterproofs!

(Historic post of the day: "Snow!" 24.02.13)

Today was cold, gloomy and raining. Not exactly the best weather for gardening, but it's got to be done and once again we are against the clock, so on go the waterproofs and out I go to continue with the planting.

Had some boring admin to do in the morning and a bit of house work and then it was outside.

Scott had a phone call from a client needing to make urgent alterations for their builder, so got waylaid with that for the first part of the day. He was able to bung on his work clothes after lunch and managed to get out to the barn to break out more of the floor.

The worst part of my day was probably having to sift through our recycling, which was refused by the bin men last week! I would have asked Scott to do it, but would rather have progress made with the barn floor. Apparently they don't recycle paper and certain plastics anymore!! What a lovely job to finish the day with just before preparing diner (don't worry, I wore gloves and washed my hands afterwards - thoroughly!)

Below: My Roses which were a present from Summer on mother's day. They are all the colours of our wedding - Red, Yellow and Pink. I got Scott a white rose for valentines day, so have planted that one aswell to make the set!

Da daaah!! The ground is basically made of rock and granite, but you get there in the end with a bit of elbow grease! Got some good soil in there with some smaller stones underneath for drainage - let's hope she takes well! This is my yellow rose. They are all climbers, so I hope to grow them around each door to the barn.

Tiny Tim is slowly starting to soften up. Can't wait to see all the colour come out and the roses growing up the walls. I intend to paint the doors when the sun comes out too, so it should all really bring him to life.

My red rose at the side door.

I am saving this baby to go around our new side door to be installe in the left section of the barn as direct access to our garden. It is a "Très Perfumée" red climbing rose - I love the smell of roses, so should be a nice greeting when walking into the garden in the summer.

Scott is hard at work! Yet more rubble to move - and somehow it is usually me that gets landed with that job, along with my trusty wheelbarrow! So pleased to see developments occurring!

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