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Plant Delivery! Let The Planting Commence! Let's Not Mention The..errr...lawn..mower...issue...

(Historic post of the day: "An Early Party For Lula" - 24/02/13)

Today we received our bulbs and plants which we ordered through the school.

Scott is out doing a survey for a client, so I am going to get on with the garden

Oops!! Should learn not to mow so near to the potager (vegetable patch) when there are big sheets of plastic there!!

Luckily, I managed to get it out. Phheeeewwww! That is a lot of plastic!!

Well, looks a lot better, but had to cut high as the grass was so long. Decided not to do the 2nd shorter cut just yet as the lawnmower is clanking rather loudly! Think I'll have a look at it tomorrow and get on with some planting!

My lovely friend, Suzanne, gave me some cuttings from her willow tree. I have always wanted a willow tree, so I am very excited to be planting some!! :o) Going to put one in our garden (the garden I have just cut to the side of the barn which we will use in the summer) and some down the drive, mirroring eachother.

We ordered a load of plants and bulbs through Summer's school as some of the proceeds go towards the school funding. I am very excited as they were delivered today! This will keep me occupied for a while!

The willows are in with purple and white lavender between each tree. Can't wait to see them all in bloom!

Just time to cook dinner and get Summer to bed before our French lesson tonight!

Have a lovely evening everyone!


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