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The Gardening Continues - Hard Work Definitely Pays Off!

(Historic post of the day: Knee Deep With a Spade and a Special Little Visitor - 20/02/13)

Don't know how many times I have taken that wheelbarrow up the driveway to the bonfire heap, but didn't think it would ever end!

Have gardener's legs with scratch marks all over from all the brambles, but so worth it when you see the change!

Actually managed to get the lawnmower out and was extremely surprised it started first time!

Summer had a half day at school today, as she does every Wednesday and has enjoyed dressing up in her Frozen Elsa outfit (as all young girls do!) and helping in the garden, whilst stopping for a bit of colouring in in the sunshine and practising riding her bike, which her boyfriend, Lucien (yes - 4 years old and has a long term boyfriend!) has lent her.

Lunch in the garden again, which Summer was really excited about - her first outside lunch of the year - she loves being outside.

It is days like these that make you really appreciate your work, family life and surroundings and feel very lucky to actually enjoy what you do for a living. I totally have SAD and love it when the sun comes out and I can be outside and active. Addmy ipod and some earphones into the mix and I am in my element! Feel like a totally different person from 2 weeks ago when I was constantly stuck at the computer sorting admin!

Scott is currently finishing off some building plans for a client, but should be onto breaking out the concrete floor in the section of the barn which will be our house tomorrow. We need to be in there by the beginning of July and the whole floor needs re-concreting to level it out! Have external doors to be put in also. Not sure it'll all get done in time, but it'll be what it'll be and we camped in the barn last summer, so I am not too worried, as long as the gite is ready!

Summers flower house she made for the frogs x

All very good, but there's more! Here's my job for tomorrow!

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