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Carry on Gardening!

(Historic Blog of the Day - Feb 19th 2013 - Delivery of The Biodigester)

Today -

The strimming is finally done (for now!) A day and a half is what it takes to strim all the parameters on the first spring cut! This is a great deal better than what it was when we first arrived as everything was so overgrown, the strimmer cord would constantly break and need re-inserting. It takes time to tame it down.

Whilst doing one of my favourite things last year (going to a "Vide Grenier" - "Empty Your Attic" - like a big car boot sale full of amazing and not so amazing French things but where there is almost likely something for everyone every time - especially me!), I found myself an old hospital medicine trolley. Yes, a rather bizarre buy, but thought it would be great for filing away all my plant and vegetable seeds and it has wheels, so can come with me wherever I am doing my planting!

Now with a freshly dig vegetable patch "potager" and with lots of flower and veg seeds to sow, I decided to organise it all ready. Boring, I know, but will pay off with the time saved in the long run as I shouldn't constantly be loosing everything and having to re-trace my steps trying to find it all - it will all be in one place! At €15, where can you go wrong?!

When Summer came home from school, we planted the tomato and pepper seeds for the window cill and then went off down the garden (her with her brand new rake in hand) to finally make a start at clearing up the immense amount of tree which is lying around from when I attacked the garden with the shears a couple of weeks back!

Hard work, but a good work out and still need to get back in shape after Christmas, so it's all good! ;o) So nice to be out in the fresh air and the sun felt nice and warm today - even took my jumper off at one point! :oO

I love it - just stick my earphones in and off I go, singing at the top of my lungs and probably very badly as I go - but no close neighbours to annoy - so no issues! Had our first outside lunch of the year too! Summer is on it's way! :o)

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