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Spring Is Here!: Time To Get The Garden Sorted!

Today I have been tackling the garden. It looks like a tornado has swept through!

I cut the trees and shrubs back a couple of weeks ago, but have not had the opportunity to tidy it all up and get it on the bonfire since then as we have had other commitments.

I decided to carry on with the whirlwind, trim the hedge and do the strimming so that all can be tidied at the same time. Then I can get on with the mowing.

Out here, everything grows very lush and green, but very fast!! Once the spring sweep is done, it'll be a weekly job to stay on top of through to the end of summer.

Had a turn up for the books this evening! I went to the farm to ask if I could borrow a rotivator last Saturday and it was broken, so they said I could come back and pick it up this week when it would be fixed. After dinner tonight, look what turned up out of the blue!! 5 mins and it was done (took me about 5 weeks each evening with a spade last year!!!) I am blown away by the generosity and kindness of so many of the people around us here - a real community spirit! Feel so looked after! Un grand merci! :o)

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