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More Preparations For The Biodigester Installation: The Concrete Base Is Going In!

It's up and out early hours this morning - and what a fresh morning it is - it is freeezing!!!

Kev and Mark are here with the cement mixer and the ballast has been delivered. 20mm was the recommended size, so that is what we went for. It is in a huge mound at the top of the drive, so there are going to be lots of runs up and down to keep the mix topped up! Going to be a tiring task!

We are all dressed accordingly, each wearing about 5 layers and finished off with a hat and scarf.

The metal mesh strengethening supports will be added in to take the weight of the biodigester.

It is all hands on deck with Kev and Mark mixing and pouring the base in and Scott and I rallying up and down the drive with the wheelbarrows! Must've lost about half a stone in weight!! ;o)

Can't wait to get the thing in the ground and covered over though, so I can finally get on with trying to make it look something like a garden again before the summer - don't have long! :o/

Below picture - once levelled manually by getting in and levelling with a length of wood. I know Scott will have checked it with a spirit level about 50 times too, being the pedantic perfectionist that he is! ;o)

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