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Knee Deep With a Shovel and a Special Little Visitor!

The digging continues!

Kev and Mark (our builder friends) are coming tomorrow first thing and the ballast is being delivered by lorry for the concrete mix! It is going to be all hands on deck and no hanging around, so everything needs to be prepared and ready!

Scott is out with a spade finishing off the trenches for the pipe runs and making sure all is ready and at the right level for the installation of the biodigester and piping. Unfortunately, it rained last night, so he is having to re-dig in some areas where the mud has fallen back in.

Mum and Simon are here today and have brought a special little person - our niece, Tallulah, who is staying with them for a few days! We are all so excited to be seeing her! We didn't tell Summer that she would be coming either, so it was a total surprise when she turned up! She was so excited and they have been playing together all day!

A little worrying as there is a bit of water in the hole where the concrete is going - just hope it has gone by the morning!

Simon and I have been getting on with yet more battening upstairs! It is in the low roofed room, which is a real back-breaker and we have hit our heads more than enough times! Ouch!

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