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The Biodigester Has Arrived! It is HUGE!!!

The preparations have been made and the long awaiting biodigester is arriving today!

It is a huge system to deal with the waste of up to 24 people. We selected this size so that it would cater for all our future plans and we don't have to go through all the disturbance of digging again.

We purchased the system from UK as it was less expensive. To save on funds, we opoted for it to be brought over through a company who biided on the job on We discussed it at great lengths and it was decided that it would just fit on a large trailer, with the limit of overhang on each side which was 2.5cm each side.

Although we knew how big it was, nothing could prepare us for when we actually saw it coming dow the drive!

This microstation would become the bain of my life for the next year due to unforseen planning permission issues! Please, if you are planning to install a fosse septique or microstation system, ensure you read my Hints & Tips Section first and select wisely - do not go on the manufacturer's say so that the system is accepted in France!

Below: The delivery!

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