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Waste Pipe Runs - Let The Digging Begin!

Kev, our builder friend is here today with his mini-digger "Dave" digging out for the pipe runs for the waste water to run. We have a sewerage treatment system on the way from UK. Managed to cut the price of delivery by using - a great site to go to when arranging for any shipment. Just post your job and people will bid for it. You can chat to them about insurance, logistics, dimensions, pricing etc and decide within 3 days who you want to go with - if any. We saved a great deal of money on what the manufacturer was going to charge.

All the trenches for the waste and gutter pipes to run to at the back of the gite need to be dug and then all the way to the biodigester (the name of the microstation we opted for), which is absolutely huge as set up for 24 people to cater for all our future plans, which we felt was better to do now rather than having to disrupt things again further down the line. A huge hole will need to be dug here with metal strengthening laid in and tonnes of concrete foundations to carry the weight of the boidigester and it's contents of water once it is installed and filled up. A big digger has been hired for this with Kev operating.

From the biodigester, we also need to run a pipe to the back of the barn, as this will later be used as our house and possibly also in the future the mid-section used as a salle de fêtes, with wedding receptions being the main focus. There will also be a very long waste run which will enter into the next field and have a soak away. We have had to gain permission from the owner of the field for this and did so at purchasing stage through the Notaire. Permission was given in writing.

For advice on sewerage treatment systems, please see the "Hints and Tips" page. Extremely important to read if you are planning on installing any type of sewage treatment system or fosse septique.

What a mess!! Let's hope we can get the place looking presentable by the summer! Going to be re-landscaping and re-seeding as soon as I can!

Summer has had a go in the big digger, so she is happy! :o)

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