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At Last! The Rendering Can Commence!

Whilst all the digging is going on, I can finally start with the wall rendering in the long room! Kev has brough his absolutely HUGE cement mixer over!! I could actually fit in it! Not perfect for the amount of mixes I need to use and takes a while to scrape it all out, but can't argue, we are using it for free, so that is great!

I am using a lime "chaux" mix - 3 parts sand to 1.5 parts chaux and 0.5 parts cement blanc.

The walls needed to be sponged down yesterday to get rid of any dust and make a good contact for the mix.

I am enjoying being able to get a bit creative and learn a new skill. I actually quite like it! Definitely a nice break from the hammer and chissel!

Have to be very careful though! The chaux really burns the skin on contact. Even though I am using protective gloves, I have still got myself a few burns, so I will be ordering some longer gloves!

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