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We're Back! More Windows! And Summer Gets a Swing!

We are back for the long run! This is it!! The project plan is our bible from here on in and we are going for gold in an attempt to get a holiday booking or two before the end of this year's holiday season! Gonna be tough, but we are going to give it our all!

Simon and Mum have volunteered to give us one Monday a week so Mum can look after Summer and we can put the pedal to the metal! We are so grateful!

Had a rather teary journey to the ferry on leaving the family in England, but they are all totally behind us and the support is really heart warming. It is great to know that we will see themin the summer and keep in touch regularly - skype is a god send!

This is the one and only chance like this we are ever going to have, so we are going to put absolutely everything into it!

Below: The A-Frame room looking bigger and brighter with it's new window.

Below: Simon is over helping and the boys are onto the last two windows to be installed! Still VERY cold!

Summer is great! She has a nap every day like clockwork

from 2pm - 4.30pm, so it is our time to pick up tools and go for it with no interruptions - the same as after dinner when she goes to bed at 7.30pm. Most of the time, as work is not too messy at the moment, we can have her with us while we are working and give her something to occupy herself with, like painting - which is great as it doesn't matter if she makes a mess!

We have been reading French Learning books to her and she is doing great! She even corrects Daddy sometimes and turns the tables around, asking him the questions! :o) Amazing!

She is potty training at the moment as well, which is interesting as we are suddenly having to make runs to the potty when in the middle of trying to install a wiindow, but she is doing great! :o)

Grandpa Ro bought her a swing for her birthday and Daddy kindly put it up for her today. She loves it! Thank you Grandpa Ro! x

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