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Endless Chisseling, 1st Fix Electrics, Battening and Plasterboarding

We have given ourselves one month to complete the roof and ceiling work. Already it is looking like we are going to run past this. The various leaks (which we did not account for) have really put us back.

The A-Frame room is really coming along, but it has taken us two weeks to get to this stage since starting on it. We are one strip away from finishing and have three more rooms to do!

Another thing we hadn't accounted for originaly was the battening work, which is very time consuming and there is so much of it! We have been up into the early hours after dinner each night measuring, cutting and screwing the battening into position ready for the plasterboard. Thank goodness there are no close by neighbours to disturb as it is really noisy work!

We are very lucky that Summer sleeps through it all also!

Having the help from Mum, Simon and Roger has been great!

The first fix wiring has been laid in so it is in place before the plasterboard gets fitted in top - looking good! :o)

I have been getting on with the chisseling and the walls in the long room are almost ready to start rendering and pointing!! The hardest part is definitely prooving to be the chimney - the stuff is very hard to get off and I still have a long way to go before I can re-point it. I think it will be worth the repetitive strain injury and bruised fingers! At least my arms are looking more toned than before! ;o)

We are very tired and the timescale issue is already stressing us out and causing bickering. We are just going to be positine and push on as much as we can!

I am also continuing with the wall preparations when I am not helping Scott with the battening.

The house is an absolute mess, but there is no time to focus on that at the moment and not really much point as builders dust and mud from outside is constantly being walked through. The kitchen has seen better days!

The plaster board may look almost complete in these pictures, but we still need to tape all the joins and fill every join, chamfered joins and every gap we can find, sand it all and then repeat the process 3x times until it is completely flat with no indentations visible to the naked eye! And guess who's job that will be!!?? Yup!! Yours truly!! Not looking forward to this one slight bit! :o/

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