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Insulation Installation - All Hands on Deck!

Mum and Simon have come to help today and have bought an extra pair of hands too - Roger, their neighbour who has become a friend of the family and actually wanted to come and help!? This is excellent as the more help the better and the quicker the job will get done!

Today is an exciting day as after the treacherous task of all the tile and lath board replacing/moving and getting rid of what seemed to be an endless amount of holes and leaks, the insulation is going up! Not only will this give us more warmth, but is a step towards the rooms becoming real liveable rooms and the preparation for the plasterboard installation!

Above - insulation up in the A-Frame room and battening going over the top to hold in place. More battening will need to added (alot more!) to create the lattice for the plasterboard to be fitted to. The battening must be fitted to create an air gap and also so the numerous screws which attach the plasterboard have something to attach to!

Above - The room is taking shape quickly! Simon even has some time to pole dance! ;o)

Above!! Wow!! The first piece of plasterbard!! A fantastic day's work!! Looking good! :o)

I am still chisseling away at walls and Mum has taken some time to come and help while Summer is taking a nap! Go Mum!

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