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Roof Leaks and Pointing

So, it is time for me to get on with chisseling away at the walls, gauging out the pointing to at least 1cm deep, getting rid of excess dust and wetting it all with a sponge ready for the re-pointing and rendering. I am a total novice, but have spoken to our friend, Kev, who is a builder and think I know what I am doing! Time can only tell!

Whilst I am inside preparing the walls, Scott is outside on the roof, where he has spent a lot of time since we have been here, moving and replacing tiles stop leaks. There were so many leaks when we arrived, with pots and pans being put down everywhere. Just a few final drips which Scott has marked out and need rectifying before the insulation and plasterboard can go on, which is the next job!

It is an old roof with the traditional curved over and under tile system. So frustrating as it depends which way the wind blows when it rains as to whether the water will leak through, so we have had to keep a close eye on it at all times and mark out any appearance of any trickles.

Poor Scott - it is very cold! Even to the point that it snowed yesterday! But we don't have any time to loose, so he has no choice but to get on with it.

Below: Me revealing the brick chimney in the long room. There are cracks and even big gaping holes in some of these walls and the render is very old and flaking away in places. We have no option other than to re-point and re-render every inch.

Below: Poor Scott looking like a wet rat on the cold wet roof! At least he is still smiling!

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