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Day 3 - And There Was Light!

No messing about - back to England for Christmas in two weeks! Mum is looking after Summer, I am strimming outside and Simon and Scott are going in with the first velux (having done our first Brico Depot run to get the materials in the day before)!! Exciting stuff!

xmas n 316.JPG

Below: The hole is being cut! (Although we take the micky out of Scott with all his Mickey Mouse head gear with us tending to opt out, it is a wise move to make - especially if you have tinnitus, so worth a thought!)

xmas n 324.JPG

Below: Lath boards and tiles are being removed (to be used later to patch up any leaky holes - always recycle!).

xmas n 327.JPG

Below: Our little helper!

xmas n 322.JPG

Below: And there was light!!

xmas n 336.JPG

1st window in!

xmas n 338.JPG

Below: Time to celebrate French style after a successful day at the office!

xmas n 357.JPG

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